Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions
  • When will planning approval be sought?

    Our planning application will be submitted once the project design has been finalised and the consultation period finished. A decision will then be expected approximately a year later.

  • What is the proposed wind farm project called?

    The project is called Macritch Hill. This is named after the hill just east of the Backwater reservoir near where the site is located.

  • How does Eneco plan to consult with the local community and wider stakeholder groups during the planning and consultation stages?

    We will be holding a series of public consultation events to keep the public informed about our proposals.

    The first series of consultation events will be held on Thursday 11th April, Friday 12th April and Saturday 13th April. The purpose of these events will be to seek feedback on our proposed consultation approach.

  • Why did Eneco choose to develop a wind farm on this site?

    Macritch Hill Wind Farm was selected as a suitable site for a wind farm after we were awarded the opportunity to investigate the feasibility of the site by the landowners, Scottish Water.

  • How was Eneco awarded the site?

    The site was awarded as part of a tendering process organised by Scottish Water that commenced in January 2010 to identify appropriate partners for renewable energy projects.

  • Why did Scottish Water decide to tender the land?

    Scottish Water is one of Scotland’s biggest consumers of energy and is exploring opportunities, where appropriate, to produce renewable energy on its assets such as land or reservoirs.

    This project is one of the potential ways that Scottish Water can become increasingly self-sufficient in its energy use. This strategy also fits with the Scottish Government's aim for renewable sources to generate the equivalent of 100 per cent of Scotland's gross annual electricity consumption by 2020.

  • Will there be a community benefit fund for the project?

    Our community benefits strategy aims to deliver improved quality of life for those communities living near to the wind farm while reflecting our commitment to renewable energy.

  • How will the community fund be spent?

    This has not yet been decided as we are at a very early stage of planning and consent. We take a flexible and innovative approach to community benefits and will look to work with local communities to provide a genuinely meaningful package.

  • How will the community fund be spent?

    A planning application for the proposals was submitted to the Energy Consents Deployment Unit (ECDU) in January 2015. On 1st June 2015, ECDU confirmed that the proposal could be passed to Scottish Ministers for determination of the application. On 11th June 2015, Eneco voluntarily offered a period of further local consultation running to 31st August and ECDU approved this. Subsequently ECDU approved an extension of this consultation to 30th September due to consultee holidays in August. Most recently, ECDU has granted another extension running until 4 November 2015 to accommodate further local consultation prior to a Public Local Inquiry.