05 August 2016

Eneco reports on action taken following Osprey collision with turbine

On Friday 20 May a fatally injured male Osprey was found at the base of a turbine on the Moy Wind Farm. The bird was taken to a veterinary practice in Culloden where it was examined and euthanized. 

The Scottish bird population is of the upmost importance to Eneco; we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously and will be contributing towards benefitting Scotland’s birds.

Eneco has followed best practice guidelines and has fully engaged with the RSPB and the SSPCA from the outset. We have carried out a full investigation, including site surveys and commissioned a post mortem and toxicology report on the Osprey, which we have fully funded. The results show there were no toxins present and the injuries were consistent with a turbine collision.

To ensure objectivity, Eneco has employed the services of independent conservation experts to undertake a full review. Professor Colin Galbraith has contributed to the study which concluded that this was a rare and isolated incident. Furthermore, the ongoing risk of future collisions by Ospreys remains low and in line with the general risk across Scotland.

While this is reassuring, we remain deeply saddened by the loss of the Osprey and are committed to identifying ways in which Eneco can contribute to the conservation of Scotland’s raptors. In relation to this, we have offered to fund RSPB Scotland employed Community Education Officers, located near to Eneco’s wind farm areas, who will focus on working with local communities on raptor conservation. We hope to make this announcement in the coming weeks. 

Since the sad incident, we have increased surveillance on our site and will be working closely with our conservation experts and RSPB on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to meet to discuss further or to arrange a site visit, please do get in touch.

Source: Eneco UK