19 June 2015

Moy Wind Farm turbine deliveries

Information about the turbine delivery route and schedule.

 19 September 2015

Eneco is pleased to confirm that the turbine deliveries to Moy Wind Farm are now complete. We would like to thank the community for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

TRAFFIC NOTICE: From Inverness harbour on to the A9 to the most southerly junction of the B9154 where they will exit to the Moy wind farm site.

The turbine component transportation along the A9 to the most southerly junction of the B9154 to Moy Wind Farm is due to commence the morning of Monday 29 June until Sunday 6 of September. These deliveries will be police escorted. We anticipate no more than three large delivery vehicles will be used at any one time. The vehicles range from; 3 and 5 axle semi-low loader vehicles and a 3 to 4 axle blade carrier. Deliveries will take place at Inverness harbour at either 07.15 or 09.15 Monday to Friday. Deliveries for components not requiring a police escort will take place at 2pm. No deliveries will take place from Saturday 1 August to Tuesday 26 August.  While care has been taken to ensure that movements cause as little disruption as possible, Eneco apologises for any inconvenience that may be caused. 

“We can advise that the A9 south road may be affected during the transportation period. While we expect that any disruption will be minimal, we do recommend leaving extra time for journeys along this route. We will continue to provide updates during the course of the transportation period. For those requiring further information please do contact the Eneco press office on 01926 331 217 and trafficscotland.org.

Source: Eneco UK