Latest news and press releases

  • Sevor Farm Solar poetry competition and family fun day

    Warwick, 02 August 2016
    Residents of South Marston village are being encouraged to enter a poetry competition to tell a story about their local solar farm, Sevor Farm Solar.
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  • Sevor Farm Solar sheep competition

    Warwick, 22 May 2016
    There has been sightings of a number of new arrivals at Sevor Farm Solar, in South Marston Swindon.
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  • Sevor Farm Solar sheep given a new name!

    Warwick, 30 September 2015
    The new flock of sheep on Sevor Solar Farm in South Marston, Swindon have now been officially named by local resident Angela Doore.
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  • Sevor Farm Solar Easter Egg Hunt

    Warwick, 27 March 2015
    The pupils of South Marston C of E School were treated today (27 March) to an Easter Egg hunt with a twist – it was at their local solar farm, Sevor Farm Solar.
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  • South Marston's day in the sun!

    Warwick, 03 September 2014
    Today (3rd September 2014) members of South Marston community helped open the 10MW Sevor Farm Solar recently constructed by sustainable energy company, Eneco UK.
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  • Children of South Marston C of E Primary School share their logo ideas for Sevor Farm Solar

    Warwick, 28 April 2014
    The winning logo designed by South Marston school children for Sevor Farm Solar has been unveiled by the projects developers Eneco UK.
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  • Warwick, 02 March 2014
    Traffic updates for Sevor Farm Solar
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  • Works will be taking place with extended hours over the weekend

    Warwick, 14 February 2014
    Because of the unprecedented weather conditions we have unfortunately fallen behind schedule on construction.
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  • Warwick, 21 January 2014
    Temporary roadwork repairs to Nightingale Lane
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  • Warwick, 14 January 2014
    The new investor in the 10MW Sevor Farm Solar, near South Marston has been named as Eneco – a Dutch sustainable energy company that has been operating in the UK renewables market since 2008.
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