30 September 2015

Sevor Farm Solar sheep given a new name!

A spokesperson for Eneco said: “On Friday 20th May a male Osprey was found injured at the base of a turbine on the Moy Wind Farm by an Eneco UK contractor. 

The SSPCA was quickly informed in line with procedures and the injured bird was taken to a local vet; unfortunately as a result of its injuries the bird was put to sleep.

“This is deeply upsetting, particularly as Ospreys are known to have a 98% avoidance rate and this vicinity was not identified as an area for ospreys according to years of prior survey and consideration.  Clearly we need to understand the factors that lead to the bird of prey’s death and our senior team will be working with RSPB, and an independent conservation expert, to undertake a comprehensive review of the wind farm to understand if there are any site-specific factors that attracted the osprey.

“Eneco is a renewable company that has the greatest of respect for the Scottish wildlife, heritage and landscape.  This sad incident will only seek to strengthen our resolve to do everything possible to ensure the national osprey population is not impacted and we will work with RSPB to understand how, as a company, we can support Scottish National Osprey conservation projects going forward."

Source: Eneco UK