Twinshiels Wind Farm

In 2012, Eneco announced its plans for a three turbine extension and to develop a fourth turbine for which it had already gained planning approval.

Following a six month consultation period, Eneco was granted consent from Aberdeenshire Council. Coinciding with this, Eneco also purchased the rights to build an additional six turbines in adjacent land to the existing Tullo Wind Farm. These projects were owned by two other developers and had already been granted approval by the council.

In June 2014, the Twinshiels Wind Farm became operational. The seven turbine Tullo Wind farm and the 10 turbine Twinshiels Wind Farm have a combined generating capacity of 42MW and can generate enough electricity to power 24,000 homes.

The Twinshiels Wind Farm was given its name by a member of the South Mearns Explorer Scout Unit in September 2014.

On 10th September 2014 we officially opened Twinshiels Wind Farm and the P7 pupils of Laurencekirk Primary School performed at the event. Since the event we have taken the pupils to a recording studio to record their very own CD.

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