Use of cookies

Eneco’s website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website.
We use cookies for the following purposes:

To inform you as effectively as possible about our products and services. This means that you will see the information that is the most relevant to you.
To retrieve previous preferences.
To conduct research to optimise the website and to make it more user-friendly.

Some cookies are essential. These cookies make it possible for you to use the functionality on the website, such as to become an online customer, change your address and to retain the login data for My Eneco.
Do you prefer to not accept cookies? Then you can disable cookies in your browser’s settings. Please note: If you disable cookies, not all of the website’s functionality will work on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Here is a list of the cookies that will be placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone if you visit our website. The functions of the cookies are also listed.

Statistical cookies

Name: Google web analytics
Purpose: To measure the number of unique new and repeat visitors who visit the website at a certain time (day, week or month). The following information is also recorded: length of the visit, time zone, referrer, screen resolution, colour depth, browser type, browser language and provider location.
Retention period: 2 years

Research cookies

Name: MetrixLab customer research
Purpose: To determine whether visitors have already taken this online survey, so that the visitors do not receive too many requests to fill out the same survey.
Retention period: 6 months

Social media cookies

Name: AddThis social media plugin 
Purpose: To measure the content that is shared with other people.
Retention period: 2 years

Technical cookies

Name: ISA Web Publishing
Purpose: To facilitate communication between web requests and the ISA server.
Retention period: end of session